"Chinese Hands, and Indonesian Feet"

Grand Master Willem Reeders
Founder of Liu Seong Kung Fu
1918 - 1990

Liu Seong Royal Kung Fu is a rational self-defense system that relies on speed and evasiveness to counter aggressive attacks. The guiding philosophy is combat against multiple armed opponents. The postures and footwork protect most major vital areas and this protection is maintained at all times.

In the works of one common expression: “Chinese hands and Indonesian feet”. This refers to the basic combination of Chinese-style biomechanics and Indonesian style footwork patterns. The Chinese Hands component teaches good body alignment for power. The Indonesian Feet component teaches mobility and positioning through the use of Footwork patterns.

Instructor Frank Bruckner

Began training in Liu Seong Royal Kung Fu (Chuan Fa/Silat) under Sifu David Dolbear in 1998.

Trained in Northern Wu Style Taijiquan under David Dolbear 2000 (continuing training in Taijiquan).

Trained in San Miguel Eskrima under Tony Ortiz 2004 (continuing SME training in NYC for assist instructorship).

Received instructorship (Orange Sash) in Liu Seong Royal Kung Fu (Chuan Fa/Silat) in 2012.

Martial Arts Training Program

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Exercise: The program of exercise is designed to work the core movements of the system. It will improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Fundamentals: We focus on basic movements blocks, strikes, sweeps, hand and foot techniques, and knee and elbow attacks. Knife and stick drills are included to improve technique and mobility.

Floor Drills: Involves moving up, down, left, and right on the floor, adding movement to the fundamentals, using proper footwork, hand movement with body alignment to familiarize yourself with proper body positioning.

Forms: A form is a series of techniques strung together to teach movement and context. The forms in the Liu Seong system are complex and multilayered.

Footwork/Balance: Disrupting an opponentis a process of uprooting and collapsing him. These ends are primarily achieved throughmovement.

Liu Seong Royal Kung Fu (Chaun Fa): Has 9 empty hand forms: Block, Strike, Heinan, Shaolin, Lion Technique, Four Point, Hak Chan, Kwitan, and Ho Chan.

Weapons: Liu Seong uses the staff and sais as primary weapons for self-defense. You will learn to use these weapons as is the custom in traditional Liu Seong Kung Fu style.